Sanderson Marine Craft - Cruiser Boat Hire in Norfolk Broads

Booking Terms


1. CONTRACT: Any contract to hire a boat listed in any applicable brochure or website and current supplements incorporates conditions numbers 2-25 below and is between the boat operator Sanderson Marine (hereafter referred to as the Operator) and you as the hirer. The contract is made in England and is governed in all respects by English Law.

2. HIRE TERMS: All terms are inclusive of VAT and quoted in £ Sterling per holiday per boat, equipped as described, unless otherwise stated. As soon as the booking is confirmed the hire terms are guaranteed unless there is a change in the VAT rate.

3. NUMBER OF PERSONS ON BOAT: The number of persons indicated for each boat must not be exceeded. The maximum occupancy number shown includes all crew regardless of age and includes minors and infants.

4. PETS: A maximum of two pets is normally allowed aboard a boat unless otherwise stated in the boat details, at an extra charge. A surcharge may be made on return to cover any additional cleaning costs incurred as a direct result of pets and owners are requested to keep pets off beds and soft furnishings.

5. BOOKING DEPOSIT When booking a boat more than 10 weeks prior to the start date of your holiday, a booking deposit of 25% is payable by credit or debit card (or bank transfer) to confirm your booking. A booking is not confirmed until a booking deposit (or full payment if within 8 weeks) is paid by the hirer.

6. BOOKINGS WITHIN 8 WEEKS OF HOLIDAY: If a booking is made less than 10 weeks before the holiday start date, full payment must be made by credit or debit card (or bank transfer) to confirm your booking.

7. BALANCE OUTSTANDING: On payment of a booking deposit, your booking is confirmed and you are responsible for the whole of the hire terms. The balance of hire must then be paid the Operator no later than 8 weeks before the hire start date or as otherwise stated on your Booking Confirmation. No reminders are sent and if the balance is not paid by the due date, right is reserved to cancel the booking and treat it in accordance with Condition 9 (Booking Cancellation).

8. ALTERATION FEE: To alter any of your holiday arrangements after your booking has been confirmed, you must notify us in writing and we will do our best to help. An alteration fee of £30 may be charged for any revised invoicing required or amendment and re-issue of your booking confirmation.

9. BOOKING CANCELLATION: If you cancel your booking you must immediately notify the Operator in writing by email or first class post. Cancellation is effective only from the date of receipt. In all cases of cancellation the deposit is forfeited. The Operator will endeavour to re-let the boat on the same hire terms, but unless such re-let is obtained you will remain responsible for the payment of the full balance of hire unless your notice of cancellation is received in writing more than 8 weeks before your holiday start date.

10. NON-ARRIVAL: If you do not arrive at the boat yard by midday on the day following your hire start date, and you have not advised the boat operator that you will be late, the boat operator shall be entitled to place the boat for re-let forthwith. Under the foregoing circumstances and in accordance with Condition 9 above, if the boat is not re-let you are responsible for the balance of hire; or if the boat is re-let for only part of the period of hire, you are responsible for the remaining portion of the balance of hire.

11. HOLIDAY TIMINGS: Unless otherwise stated, the normal time for boarding the boat on the first day of your holiday is from 1pm for 3 and 4 night breaks and 1pm for weeks and longer. Latest time to arrive is 4pm. Return time is 9.00am to vacate by 9.30am latest on your final day. Boats are let on the understanding that the boat operator will give you a trial run to explain the controls of the boat and its equipment, after which you are responsible for the boat (see also Condition 18). If the boat operator is prevented by circumstances beyond his control from making the boat available and cannot provide a suitable alternative, he will refund all monies paid by you but no further liability will be accepted. You should notify the boat operator of any deficiencies in equipment on the boat before the boat leaves the boat yard. Failure to do so may render you liable for payment in accordance with Condition 18. Any shortcomings later discovered should be notified immediately to the boat operator so that they can be remedied for you. No claims can be considered after your holiday for short comings not so notified.

12. RETURN OF BOAT: Unless otherwise stated on the website or in the brochure, you must return the boat (including all its gear and equipment) in a clean and tidy condition to the boat operator at the boat yard where it was hired by 9.00am on the final day of Hire. The boat operator may make a charge if the boat is not returned on time or if it is not returned in a clean and tidy condition.

13. AGE OF HIRER: Bookings from persons aged under 18 years cannot be accepted.

14. UNSUITABLE HIRERS: Bookings cannot be accepted from stag or hen parties. In addition, the boat operator reserves the right to decline to accept a booking or refuse to hand over a boat to any person or group where in the opinion of the owner or operator facilities are not suitable for the person or any group member on the grounds of age, ill health, disability, inexperience or any other reason. In such case all sums paid shall be refunded in full and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party. The boat operator reserves the right to repossess the boat at any time where a serious accident or damage has occurred or in the opinion of the boat operator is likely to occur because of the unsuitability of the hirer due to age, ill health, disability, inexperience or any other reason. In such cases, the boat operator shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the hire terms paid.

15. Refundable Security Deposit: Larger parties may be asked for a refundable £50 per person security deposit paid cash on arrival, at the discretion of the boatyard manager

16. HIRER’S EQUIPMENT: You may not take on the boat, without the boat operator’s prior permission, portable heaters of any type, lighting equipment, bicycles, gas cylinders, medical equipment or anything which may cause damage or danger to the boat, its equipment or its occupants.

17. FUEL: The boat is handed over ready fuelled. The cost of the fuel is to the hirer's account, and will be charged upon return of the boat to the yard at the end of the holiday. The boat will always be supplied with a full fuel tank at the start of your holiday and this should be sufficient for at least one week's normal use.

18. INJURY OR DAMAGE TO YOU OR YOUR PROPERTY: The boat operator is not liable for death, personal injury, or loss or damage to you or your property, or any property belonging to or in the possession of the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party (including any motor cars parked at the boat yard or their contents) unless it is caused by the boat operator’s negligence or wilful default.

19. DAMAGE WAIVER: A non-refundable damage waiver is payable when making a booking (£40 or £50 depending on the boat). This negates the hirer from any liability to pay for loss of/or accidental damage to the boat or its equipment, but not malicious damage, loss of equipment by negligence or return of the boat in an unclean condition, which will incur an extra payment. The Damage Waiver does not cover wilful or criminal damage for which you are totally liable.

20. NAVIGATION RESTRICTIONS: On no account may you:
(a) Tow, or be towed by, other cruisers unless with professional assistance.
(b) Cruise after dark (your boat is not equipped or insured for night navigation).
(c) Permit your boat to be taken out to sea or
(d) Permit your boat to take part in any race.
You must navigate in accordance with current bye laws and must observe the speed limits applicable to the waterway. On the Norfolk Broads no boats may be taken below Haven Bridge, Great Yarmouth, or through the lock at Oulton Broad. Navigational limits are referred to in the skipper’s handbook and more detailed information will be provided at the boat yard.

21. ACCIDENTS: You have charge of the boat and are responsible for its safe navigation. No minor may control the boat without the supervision of an experienced adult. In the case of any accident or damage to the boat or to other craft or to waterway property it is your responsibility to:
(a) Find out the name of any boat involved together with names of its owner and hirer, and:
(b) Report these facts to the boat operator together with full details of the damage as soon as possible. No repairs may be put in hand without the boat operator’s consent.

22. LOSS OF WATER: You are responsible for any charge made by waterways authorities in respect of loss of water or damage to waterway property caused by you while in charge of the boat.

23. BOAT DELAYS or CURTAILMENT: Every boat is checked before the start of each hire cruise so it is unlikely that your boat will suffer a mechanical breakdown. If a breakdown of any kind should occur, you must report it to the boat operator immediately so that steps can be taken to repair and enable you to resume your cruise. Provided that the boat operator is so informed, he will take steps to repair the boat and/or its equipment as speedily as practicable in the circumstances. Apart from the above obligations, the boat operator shall not be liable whatsoever in respect of any direct or consequential loss or damage that you may suffer, whether financial or otherwise, as a result of such breakdown. The boat operator shall not be responsible for the consequences of delays or restrictions of cruising arising from obstructions, repairs or damage to navigation works, flooding shortage of water, industrial action, fuel rationing, shortage of or non-availability of fuel, or other cause; and the boat operator reserves the right to restrict cruising if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail.

24. MODIFICATIONS and DESCRIPTIONS: Every effort has been made to ensure that individual boat descriptions contained on the website (and the websites of all agents and representatives of the Operator) are correct. However, the right is reserved to make modifications to boat specifications that are considered necessary in the light of operating requirements. If material changes occur after your booking is confirmed, you will be advised by telephone and, if there is time before your departure, confirmed in writing. The changes will be confirmed on the Booking Confirmation. Layout plans are for general guidance and are not to scale. Illustrations of standard production built boats are sometimes used and the exterior colour scheme of your boat may therefore not be identical with the one in the brochure.

25. DISPUTES: Any dispute, difference or question which may at any time arise out of the contract or the subject matter thereof shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be agreed upon between the parties (or failing agreement to be nominated by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators on the application of either party) in accordance with the provisions of the arbitration Act, 1950, or any statutory modifications or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.